Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tick tick tick ~ get hopping

You know, when you think about it, it's kind of weird writing words that you really have no idea whether any one is reading or not...  You sit in front of the p.c. spilling out your guts to who??  Maybe someone will stumble across your blog, but will they return??  There are so many amazing blogs out there...  I think it's clear though, the most successful are ones with sponsors...  sooooo  here I am sponsors....  get to know me : )...
That was fun!!

So back to the tick, tick, tick....  I love, love, love the Fab ShopHop http://www.fabshophop.com/  this link will take  you to right page...  Check out the prizes and the fun that goes on...  In February I was a winner of a bonus drawing where I won $100.00 credit at one of the HopShops....  How fun it was !!!!!
You only have a couple of days left, and it is do-able believe me...  So go and do it!!   and Enjoy....

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